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Just Off-Camera

"They respect you if you write. The dumber the world gets, the more the words matter." -Dan Jenkins

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Zack Morris Would Have An Amazing Plan To Solve This Problem

You can't make stories like this up.

Dustin Diamond - Screech from Saved by the Bell - is currently living in Wisconsin, and he is facing foreclosure on his home unless he comes up with a quarter million dollars. His solution: Sell t-shirts to raise the money. It's one of the odder news stories you're going to read anytime soon.

The shirts have a picture of a bearded, 29-year-old Screech holding a cardboard "SAVE MY HOUSE" sign on the front, and the back says "I Paid $15.00 To Save Screeech's House." There's an extra "E" in the name; it's to avoid copyright issues - I guess he learned his lesson when he and Zack tried to sell "Screech's Secret Sauce" and ripped off the recipe from the Betsy Crocker cookbook (ironically, the cookbook company's name was changed, presumably for intellectual property reasons).

For an extra $5, he'll even autograph your shirt with a "f--- Giraldo" message, Giraldo being Arthur Giraldo, the land contract agent who he blames for the foreclosure. The story on Screech's website has the details.

Now, I already have far too many t-shirts, and I don't need another one. However, as a Saved by the Bell aficionado, I hate to see Screech forced out onto the streets of Wisconsin. So I encourage you to visit the site and buy a t-shirt to help save his house. And if you could pass along the message to Dustin Diamond that he should sell other merchandise than t-shirts (stickers? mugs? maybe even other shirt styles?) then maybe I'll end up buying something and supporting the cause myself.


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