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Just Off-Camera

"They respect you if you write. The dumber the world gets, the more the words matter." -Dan Jenkins

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Yo Ho Ho And...

The Trinidad & Tobago soccer team, which already exceeded expectations in the World Cup by playing Sweden to a draw, has been promised a barrel of rum for each player plus the coach by a Trinidadian liquor maker if it defeats England tomorrow.

A barrel is 247 liters, or 64 gallons. Because that's still hard to fathom, think of it as 5,462 shots - or about five shots a day for three years.

Coincidentally, that kind of liquor consumption would have been necessary to correctly predict the exacta of T-N-T's draw against the Swedes and a win over England.


In something mildly related, I took a big step toward achieving one of my minor personal life goals today - becoming a regular at a bar. I've always wanted to go to a bar where I can sit down, nod, and have my beer brought to me without my saying a word.

And it happened today at Tom's Pizza and Sports Pub, a local joint that I wish were replicated within walking distance of each of my future residences.

I sat down, and the waitress brought over my first beer with my menu. Now, I don't think I've achieved full regular status, since I don't know the bartender or the waitresses' names, and they don't know mine. Yet. But they do recognize me as the guy in the UCLA jacket who asks to have the Phillies games put on one of the screens.

I also must give Tom's credit for having plenty of screens and always - always - being willing to spare one or even two for my hockey and regular season baseball interests, even during an NBA playoff game. Also, credit for cheap beer. Can't argue with that, unless it's a free barrel of rum. Go T-N-T!


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