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Just Off-Camera

"They respect you if you write. The dumber the world gets, the more the words matter." -Dan Jenkins

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Depressing History Lesson

I was talking to my brother on AIM yesterday, trying to get him pumped up for the Flyers' playoff run. I'm an optimist. He's a realist. He said, and I quote, "seriously though, you can't possibly think we have a chance."

I brought up the fact that the Ducks made it to the finals somewhat unexpectedly a few years ago, and that the Hurricanes made it to the finals before that, even with Arturs Irbe (who played this season for Salzburg in the Austrian league) in net.

My brother was not swayed. He cited the Flyers' tradition of disappointing in the playoffs, and we briefly discussed gems such as 2002, when the Flyers scored two - two! - goals in a five-game series and lost to Ottawa, 4-1, in the first round. Or the year before, where they lost game six of the first round 8-0 to the Sabres (I was in Buffalo for that game; I left after the second period when they were down 6-0).

We didn't even mention the time they were up 3-1 on the Devils in the 1999 conference final and blew it, or when they blew through the Eastern Conference in 1997 only to be swept in the Stanley Cup final by Detroit (when we had tickets to game 5, too).

So during this conversation, I sent him this link: Flyers History - Complete Playoff Results.

I excerpted the recent past below:

The Last 10 Flyers Playoff Appearances
2004 - Beat NJ, 4-1, in conference QF; Beat TOR, 4-2, in conference SF; Lost to TB, 4-3, in conference final
2003 - Beat TOR, 4-3, in conference QF; Lost to OTT, 4-2, in conference SF
2002 - Lost to OTT, 4-1, in conference QF
2001 - Lost to BUF, 4-2, in conference QF
2000 - Beat BUF, 4-1, in conference QF; Beat PIT, 4-2, in conference SF; Lost to NJ, 4-3, in conference final
1999 - Lost to TOR, 4-2, in conference QF
1998 - Lost to BUF, 4-1, in conference QF
1997 - Beat PIT, 4-1, in conference QF; Beat BUF, 4-1, in conference SF; Beat NYR, 4-1, in conference final; Lost to DET, 4-0, in Stanley Cup final
1996 - Beat TB, 4-2, in conference QF; Lost to FLA, 4-2, in conference SF
1995 - Beat BUF, 4-1, in conference QF; Beat NYR, 4-0, in conference SF; Lost to NJ, 4-2, in conference final

My brother's reaction to such a list? "Ugh. Why not just send me a list of recent Eagles WR draft picks?"

Well, you asked for it.

The Last 10 Eagles WR Draft Picks
2005 - Reggie Brown, Georgia (35th overall)
2003 - Billy McMullen, Virginia (95th)
2002 - Freddie Milons, Alabama (162nd)
2001 - Freddie Mitchell, UCLA (25th)
2000 - Todd Pinkston, Southern Miss (36th)
2000 - Gari Scott, Michigan State (99th)
1999 - Na Brown, North Carolina (130th)
1999 - Troy Smith, East Carolina (201st)
1997 - Antwuan Wyatt, Bethune-Cookman (190th)
1995 - Chris T. Jones, Miami (78th)

To my knowledge, my brother still has a Chris T. Jones jersey.

Hey, why stop there?

The Last 10 Phillies Free Agent Signings
2/9/06 - Alex S. Gonzalez
1/5/06 - Ryan Franklin
12/2/05 - Tom Gordon
12/2/05 - Sal Fasano
11/30/05 - Julio Santana
11/29/05 - Abraham Nunez
1/19/05 - Jose Offerman
1/11/05 - Terry Adams
12/21/04 - Geoff Geary
12/21/04 - Amaury Telemaco

And, of course, the most depressing list of all:

The Last 10 Major Philadelphia Sports Champions
1983 - 76ers
1980 - Phillies
1975 - Flyers
1974 - Flyers
1967 - 76ers
1960 - Eagles
1956 - Warriors
1949 - Eagles
1948 - Eagles
1947 - Warriors

By the way, had this list gone to 11, the Athletics' 1930 World Series title would have been on the list. At 13 would have been the Frankford Yellow Jackets' NFL championship in 1926.

Good lord, can someone other than the Wings win a frickin' championship in this city?


  • At Wednesday, April 19, 2006 2:38:00 PM, Blogger scuba said…

    That is truly sad, but your brother hit it on the head, you are only setting yourself up for heart break. I wouldnt be surprised if we were swept by the sabers...atleast we won't lose to the devils...

  • At Wednesday, April 19, 2006 6:25:00 PM, Blogger Ben Fineman said…

    Jesus, man.. that is depressing. Who the hell are Troy Smith and Antwuan Wyatt? And I don't think I've heard Freddie Milons' name mentioned since the day he was drafted. Good grief.

    While you're at it, you can add "Worthless Phillies Managers" and "Sixers Not Named Iverson" to your painful collection of lists.

  • At Wednesday, April 19, 2006 7:23:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    1992- Blue Jays
    1987- Pilers
    1985- oilers

    The Bailiff


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