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Just Off-Camera

"They respect you if you write. The dumber the world gets, the more the words matter." -Dan Jenkins

Monday, January 30, 2006

"I can't believe what a bunch of nerds we are. We're looking up 'money laundering' in the dictionary."

So I was doing my laundry last night, and as I went to put my clothes in the dryer, I noticed a dollar bill laying in the machine.

"Sweet," I thought. "Who would have missed that sitting there?"

Forty-five minutes later, I returned to get my clothes out of the dryer. In there with all of my dry clothes were two dollar bills. So either I made the same mistake someone else did and left money in my pants pocket, or I've stumbled across the best dryer in the world.

It's probably the former, but just in case it's not, I'm going to use that dryer the next time I do my laundry. Hopefully it'll start spitting out twenties.


As part of my progression into the iPod-listening, white headphone-wearing "in" crowd, I've been going through a bunch of my old mixes, copying down the playlists, and saving them on my iPod. It's been interesting to see what the soundtrack to my life has been over the past few years. One one mix, I have three songs from the Madden 2005 soundtrack. On another, there's Toby Keith's "How Do You Like Me Now," Eamon's "F*** It (I Don't Want You Back)," "Time To Say Goodbye," performed by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman, Danger Mouse's version of "99 Problems," and "Here Without You," by 3 Doors Down.

Then there's the mix that ranges from Nas (Made You Look) to Midnight Oil (Beds Are Burning) to R. Kelly (Ignition (Remix)) to Sean Paul (Get Busy) to The All-American Rejects (Swing, Swing) to Clay Aiken (Solitaire). Believe me, the other stuff on that CD only makes it seem even more random. And these are just CDs from the last three years. They go back another three before that. When I get to sophomore year of college, then I'll see some really interesting stuff.


For your entertainment: Alex Ovechkin's highlight reel. What blows my mind is that this guy just turned 20. Everything you see on this video came from the first half of his first season in the NHL. I can't even begin to imagine the moves that could end up on his personal highlight reel once his career is over. All I know is that I wish I were able to pull off the stuff that would end up on the cutting room floor. (Thanks to Off Wing Opinion for the video.)

One other video worth checking out - if you're a fan of the classic "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" (and really, who isn't?), then it's time you checked out everyone's favorite white trash husband, Kevin Federline, rocking out to the grooves. (Thanks to The 700 Level and Boing Boing, who dubbed the remix "Peanut Butter Federline.")


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