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Just Off-Camera

"They respect you if you write. The dumber the world gets, the more the words matter." -Dan Jenkins

Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Weekend In Quotes

From the Awesome Awards Department:

When investigators raided the Galloway home, they found two trophies naming [Matthew "Knowledge"] Thompkins "pimp of the year." One stood about 4 feet tall, topped with a figure in a crown and a cape, holding a scepter.

"I think he actually won it twice," said Lt. William Carey, with the Casino Gaming Bureau of the New Jersey State Police. "I don't know who votes on it, though." Troy Graham, Officials: Man ran big ring of prostitutes, Philadelphia Inquirer, Dec. 17, 2005.

Wow. And I thought getting a little mounted plastic hockey player back in high school was a sweet trophy.


From the You Missed The Point, Too Department

"About 50 protesters took part in Saturday's demonstration, organized by religious leaders. Dick Otterstad of the Church of the Divide donned a Santa Claus costume and greeted shoppers with the message: Don't forget about the meaning of Christmas." Tom Chorneau, Group Fights Wal-Mart on 'Happy Holidays', Dec. 18, 2005.

Yeah, because Santa Claus is the true meaning of Christmas. I hope a reindeer kicks Dick Otterstad in the balls.


From the Some Disclosure Might Not Be A Bad Idea Department

As recently as Friday, when he was interviewed by Jim Lehrer of PBS, [President] Bush refused to confirm the report the previous evening in The New York Times that in 2002 he authorized the spying operation by the security agency, which is usually barred from intercepting domestic communications. While not denying the report, he called it "speculation" and said he did not "talk about ongoing intelligence operations." David E. Sanger, In Address, Bush Says He Ordered Domestic Spying, New York Times, Dec. 18, 2005.

"It is true that much of the intelligence turned out to be wrong," Bush said. "As president, I'm responsible for the decision to go into Iraq." Jennifer Loven, Bush: Iraq Invasion My Responsibility, Dec. 15, 2005.

For god's sake, man, if you're going to stretch the Constitution to its limits, at least get some good intel out of it!

Remember, he sees you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake. He knows if you've been bad or good, because he authorized the NSA to eavesdrop on you.

Merry Christmas! Happy Chanukah! Holidays!


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