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Just Off-Camera

"They respect you if you write. The dumber the world gets, the more the words matter." -Dan Jenkins

Thursday, December 15, 2005

It's Getting Drafty

This is perhaps the best idea for a blog I have ever seen. I don't say it much, but this is an idea I really wish had been mine. It's a fantasy draft blog - basically, the concept is to have a fantasy draft of anything and everything. Their crew of a few people get together and then go a few rounds choosing out of whatever chosen category is on the table (beers, cities, even constitutional amendments).

You know the drinking game Kings? (Maybe you call it Circle of Death or something else.) Where when you pull a certain card (again, varies depending on the house rules), you have to pick a category and then everyone goes around the circle naming something from that category until someone can't come up with one, and then they drink? It's kind of like that, except there's a point beyond drinking (believe it or not, I've heard such a thing exists) - you're trying to come up with a better group of elements from that category than your opponents. You have to strategize - do you want a balanced "team?" Do you want to load up with the obvious choices, or do you want to take a chance on a sleeper?

I was a little disappointed the beer draft didn't include any puns (draft? beer? get it?), but I can let that slide, especially because Yuengling was drafted in the second round with the ninth overall pick (excellent choice). I'd guess the guy who took Yuengling was from the Keystone State, but it turns out he's from Boston. Go figure.

The whole idea of taking a fantasy draft and applying it to everything not sports-related is pretty creative. It reminds me a bit of when my friends and I, back in high school, used to refer to our classmates as stocks. (Example: "Wow, I wish I'd sold him back when he was going out with that hot chick and wasn't a burnout yet." Or: "Now's the time to finally start investing in AP students - college acceptance letters are starting to come in.") Trust me, it wasn't as nerdy as it sounds.


This morning, I was turning on my TV. I did it by actually walking up to the thing, not with the remote. Right as I hit the power button on my TV, my toaster popped. It was like I was able to make my bagel ready by pushing a button. Weird.


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