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Just Off-Camera

"They respect you if you write. The dumber the world gets, the more the words matter." -Dan Jenkins

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Rock Out With "Skinner v. Railway Labor Executives Ass'n" Out

Back when I was a freshman in college and I wanted a quick break from studying, I used to turn on Guns N' Roses' classic "Paradise City" and channel Slash while I played air guitar on my bed. It was always a great respite from putting my mind to whatever it was I was reading.

I hadn't done that in a while, but earlier tonight, while I was working on my comment, "Johnny B. Goode" came on my computer. I paused for a moment, then got up from my chair, grabbed my hockey stick, and did my best Marty McFly impression for 2:42.

No doubt I looked like an idiot, but nobody's watching anyway. I returned to my work feeling better about it than I had in a while. I guess I shouldn't overuse that kind of study break for fear of its effectiveness diminishing, but it really worked wonders. I suppose the right song is important, too. Any other suggestions?


Three weeks ago, the Eagles were 4-2 and about to play the Broncos. My mom called the game a "must win." I scolded her and told her that such a term is not to be thrown around lightly, since it essentially indicates that your season is done for if you do not win that game. And really, no 4-3 team is out of playoff contention by any means.

Well, the Eagles lost to the Broncos. And the Redskins. And, for God's sake, the Cowboys, in gut-twisting fashion, on Monday Night Football. And now they're 4-5.

Okay, now every game looks like a must-win. That division could very well require 11 wins to make the playoffs, especially with the Eagles' awful in-conference record.

I'm going to three of the Eagles' remaining seven games - not bad, considering I live on the wrong coast - but I was hoping those games would matter. Since two of those games are in weeks 16 and 17, it's looking more and more like the Eagles will end up playing for my amusement and not for a playoff spot. Maybe they can play spoiler to the 'Skins in their final game. But I'm hoping that won't be the case.

By the way, anyone catch who the Eagles signed today? A couple of guys named Jack Brewer and Jeff Smoker. Shouldn't they be on the Vikings?

(OK, that joke sucked. I thought for a while and couldn't come up with anything better. Sorry. Please submit your better ideas.)


As for the whole direct democracy argument, well, I guess I painted myself into a corner. The public is stupid...but they still should get to vote! I suppose the best argument I can make now is that the people who do vote in a special election in an off year like this one are typically going to be at least somewhat better informed than most of the populace, so they should have that right.

By the way, I don't know who you are, but I'd say it's a safe bet you go to school with me. Only a law student would correctly substitute "[you]" for "me" when quoting what I wrote.


  • At Thursday, November 17, 2005 7:25:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    A song that used to work for me (and also dates me) is "White Wedding". Turn it on full blast before depositions and it is guaranteed to work. But only on really full blast! (Earphones recommended)


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