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Just Off-Camera

"They respect you if you write. The dumber the world gets, the more the words matter." -Dan Jenkins

Friday, February 04, 2005


I should be on a plane right now, Florida bound. But as you can see, I'm writing right now, so I'm not on that plane.

It's my own fault, really, that I'm not going to be in Jacksonville for the Super Bowl like I planned. I booked the trip while the AFC championship game was still going on. And in my excitement over the Eagles finally reaching the Super Bowl, I mistakenly got myself a return flight on Monday, March 7. I know exactly how it happened, too - February is 28 days long, so looking at a calendar quickly, the beginning of March looks identical to the beginning of February, with the first Monday falling on the seventh in both months. So I made a mistake.

I discovered this snafu less than four hours before I was supposed to take off. Frantically, I called Delta, then Travelocity, only to find out that it would cost $900 to change my flight, and that I couldn't get a one-way ticket from Gainesville to Los Angeles at all on February 7. And so ends the potential "Fineman Basks In The Glow Of Alltel Stadium As The Eagles Win Their First Super Bowl" saga.

I'm trying to look at this positively. If the Eagles lose, then I won't have the added frustration of having flown across the country to experience it. And if the Eagles win, I can't complain about not being there, because after all, the Eagles will have won the freakin' Super Bowl.

Now I am very glad I did not make more serious efforts to get Super Bowl tickets. I might have seriously considered driving to Jacksonville if I had the ducats in hand and no flight.

So I will still watch Supe XXXIX on TV (which is really what I would have done in Jaxville), although I won't be a stone's throw from the actual game and surrounded by Eagles fans.

And, I have the added bonus of having taken care of all my work for this weekend, so for the first time this semester, I have nothing at all hanging over my head during the weekend.

Well, except for the biggest game in the last 24 years of Eagles history.


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