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Just Off-Camera

"They respect you if you write. The dumber the world gets, the more the words matter." -Dan Jenkins

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Apparently, There's Some Game On TV Tonight

I don't know much about it, because all I ever see in the media is coverage of the NHL, but I hear the NFL is playing its championship game today. Super Bowl XXXVIII (which, by the way, is the longest Super Bowl name in terms of Roman Numerals ever, and will hold that title for another 40 years, when LXXVIII matches it) is going down tonight in Houston.

I kid, of course. If you think you're sick of Super Bowl hype from the past two weeks, imagine what it's like when your job involves creating that hype. It's about time the game rolled around already. Since I've been immersed in overanalysis of the big game, though, I consider it a duty and a pleasure to bring you Just Off-Camera's Super Bowl XXXVIII preview.

This game will be low-scoring, which is about as surprising a revelation as telling you that Michael Jackson isn't running on all eight cylinders. Seriously, though, this game will be won and lost on the ground, as both teams try to play a possession game and take as much time off the clock as possible as they run their way toward the end zone.

I'm thinking the Pats will score first (although not on their first possession) on a short pass to Daniel Graham. Then the Panthers will come back with a Stephen Davis TD run.

Then, before the half, Brady will pick up another passing TD, this time to a receiver (Bethel Johnson, maybe? Belichick likes to play musical wideouts, so that one's a crapshoot). Brady will have two touchdown passes by halftime, but he's not going to have great numbers, like I said, the ground game is going to be where most of the yardage is gained.

The Panthers will come back with a field goal to open the second half, and that will be it for the scoring until the Patriots put it out of reach with a late TD run by Kevin Faulk.

Final score: 21-10 Patriots. Although it's an 11-point margin of victory, it'll be a lot closer than that, with the Panthers within one score until the very end.

As for commercials, AOL supposedly dropped $10 mil on producing some crazy stuff. I have a feeling it'll bomb. My guess is that the annual big players will come out with good stuff - Coke, Pepsi, the major beer companies - as well as Subway, which will be running one of those "It's okay, I had Subway" spots.

And if you can get an over-under on the length of Beyonce's national anthem rendition, I'd take the over. She'll drag that sucker out for a good two minutes.


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